Friday, August 7, 2009

Wow, we are in the South!

Did you know that Hwy 127 is very twisty and turny in certain parts, especially the ones around Jamestown, TN? They are and due to the motion sickness that followed I was not able to post last night.

The trip down here was uneventful. Kristy drove from Madison to Bloomington, IL and then I drove from Bloomington until about 50 miles outside of Nashville. That was a bit of a long haul, especially since I had 3 people snoring around me. At about 330am I started hitting fog which was not cool, but all in all we made it OK.

We got off I 40 where Hwy 127 intersected with it (I have no idea where) and stopped at a Waffle House for breakfast. Now I've been to Waffle House before in northern Alabama and they were friendly and it was a bit...local...but it had nothing on this Waffle House! We walked in and it was clear from the start that we were "not from around here." Everyone just kind of looked at us and we found a booth in the back. The good 'ol boys next to us were discussing guns at one point and farming techniques at another time and one of them was a big, older guy wearing bib overalls. The waitress called us all sweetie and "what do you want to order, darlin'." The food was good and I don't know the last time I paid $3.57 for breakfast.

We got back on Hwy 127 and I was a little disappointed that there were no sales...until we got to the other side of the hill. Traffic was at a standstill and there were sales on either side of the road. That's pretty much how it went yesterday. We would go and get to a bunch of sales and then drive for awhile before we hit sales. We cut yesterday a little short because we were all tired and I was getting a migraine. We got to the hotel at around 300pm and napped, then we got dinner at a local pizza joint and by 830pm we were back at our rooms. Since I drove through the night and had taken migraine medicine, I passed out by 900pm.

Today we got on the road by about 900am and hit the sales. There weren't quite as many sales today, but they were better sales. Yesterday we ran into a bunch of flea market/antique dealers and they wanted WAY too much for their stuff. Today we mainly went to local yard sales and we found some treasures. We're looking forward to going to a local BBQ buffet for dinner.

I've been surprised at some of the items for sale. I've seen TONS of guns and rifles for sale! I guess I thought their were laws against that, but maybe there aren't. There have also been numerous confederate flags, pipes (used and unused), inappropriate racial art and banjos/guitars. The people are fun and their accents are thick enough that I can barely understand them. It's been a really fun trip so far.


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  1. You are in the SOUTH, the rules are different darlin. #8