Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It's finally the day we leave for the garage sale!! Kristy, Jen and I are picking Erika up at 700pm and driving from Madison to Jamestown, TN. It'll be interesting, as we will be driving all night and then hitting the sales right away tomorrow, but I pull all-nighters a lot during the school year, so I think I'll be fine, it's the others I'm worried about. I'm nervous as I am packing just enough clothing for each day of the trip to save on room in the car, but the few times I've done this in the past something has happened where I have needed more clothing. Oh well, I guess that's what Target and Walmart are for.

Since there is no way we'll be able to cover the whole sale in 4 days, we are starting in the middle in Jamestown and then working our way back north. We are stopping in Somerset, Ky; Lebanon, Ky and Georgetown, Ky. We will figure out where to stay on Sunday night once we're on the road again. Kristy (of course) has come up with a long list of roadside/tourist/"world's largest" things to see on the route...I'm sure we will have a bunch of interesting pictures.

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  1. Keep an eye out for duck decoys. I never have enough. Your now one step lower than me on the redneck scale. Please don't bring home any hand me down underwear. If you do make sure you wear them outside in. Then you'll have a clean pair.